Shoeburyness Area Guide

About the Area

Shoeburyness (also called “Shoebury”) is a town east of Southend-on-Sea, at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, which offers access to London Fenchurch Street, from mainline railway.

Location and Accessibility:

Location: Shoeburyness is situated to the east of Southend-on-Sea, at the mouth of the Thames Estuary.

Transportation: The town is well-connected by rail, with access to London Fenchurch Street via the mainline railway (originally open in 1884!). The A127 and A13 roads are within easy reach, providing good road links. Additionally, Southend Airport is approximately a 20-minute drive away.


Shoeburyness is fortunate to have two beaches – East Beach and Shoebury Common Beach. Both have been awarded Blue Flags, indicating high environmental and quality standards. Visitors and locals alike enjoy strolling along the promenade, taking in the vibrant colours and unique designs of the iconic beach huts. They are not only functional structures but also contribute to the charm and appeal of Shoebury Common as a coastal destination. The Common offers facilities for launching boats and jet-skis.

East Beach is known for its long sandy stretch, grassy areas, and suitability for picnics. It’s also a popular spot for watersports.


Hinguar Primary School: With a history dating back to 1886, Hinguar Primary School is located within the Garrison development, close to nature reserves and Shoebury East Beach.

Shoeburyness High School: Rated “Good with outstanding features” by Ofsted, the school has shown sustained improvement over the years.

Shoebury Garrison:

Often referred to as ‘The Barracks,’ Shoebury Garrison is an area of national importance. It features Grade II listed buildings and modern executive homes.  The Garrison overlooks the mouth of the Thames Estuary, offering historical significance and a unique setting.

Shoebury Hotel:

The historic Shoebury Hotel, built in 1899, has been repurposed. After a complete refurbishment in 2012, it now serves as a rustic brasserie and wine bar.

Leisure Facilities:

Shoeburyness offers various leisure facilities, including parks, fishing ponds, restaurants, and pubs. The town provides a range of recreational options for residents.

Southend Airport:

The proximity to Southend Airport makes travel convenient for residents, with flights to various European destinations.

Overall, Shoeburyness blends historical charm with modern amenities, making it an appealing place to live with its coastal beauty, educational options, and recreational opportunities.


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